A Fragile Peace

Session 9 - Ziggy Zug Ziggy Zug!


After vanquishing the avatar of Blipdoolboop, the team rested and decided to head straight back into the watery caverns in order to make sure the recent events would not reoccur.

Through the tunnels, stairs and through the giant clam shell they delved. When they were finally at the ziggurat, they noticed that the place was very well fortified. Minions infested the waters and the multi-tiered structure was crawling with baddies.

Baylea and Bakaruda immediately entered the water to dispose of the minions while making their way up the side walls of the temple. It was a good strategy as the ranged attackers had trouble spotting them. Baehrface made a heroic leap right onto the ziggurat and started to stab away at the powerful Kua’toa up top. At first they could feel a strange aura making them more vulnerable to the elements and as they progress further, the presence slowed their movement greatly. Even after Barannis teleported Bakaruda up to help Baehr, they were in a heap of trouble if help didn’t arrive soon. Barannis and Baelik kept their distance and rained damage on the foes as they made their way across the slippery border.

There was a strange shadowy conch shell by the large statue of Blipdoolboop that stayed inactive for the majority of the fight. However, towards the end, it began to move and spewed torrents of pain at the party.

Eventually, it withdrew and the adventurers lived to fight another day.

Throughout the encounter, it seemed like Baylea was distracted with something. She claims to have found a ring that none of the others can see but she is convinced that it now sits on her finger and seems of great importance.


pumpadum slapadibass

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