A Fragile Peace

Session 7 - Lobsterfest

Pinchy, Butter, Clam shells, AYCE

As the journey continued, the heroes found themselves swimming back through the long tunnel that they previously ignored. BArannis was no longer affected by his water breathing cantrip so he had to stay behind and wait. The party has been quite careful with their light sources recently so they swam in the dark until they could see the faint glow at the opening of the pipe.

Baerhface saw 2 large, looming shadows pass through the water and decided to throw a sunrod down into the depths to see what they were. The giant lobsters swooped in and snatched up the light source. Seeing the sheer size of these beasts, the adventurers decided to retreat and live to fight another day.

Turning back, they went toward the last unknown path. The giant clam shell. As they arrived, they realized the scale of this gargantuan mollusk. The shell was slightly ajar and the team was able to poke through the mucus lining and slip through. Inside the shell was an intricate series of rooms and doors. They found some jars and urns filled with shells, lobsters and other sea dwelling goodies. Baehrface went to town gorging at the seafood buffet. The rest decided to hold onto these and found that they were the key to opening the ornate doors. Once the correct offerings were placed in the waiting claws of Blipdoolboop, the beautifully kelp engraved doors clicked open.

The party crept around the hallways with a dark light ritual provided by BArannis, hoping not to attract too much attention. However, their presence did not remain hidden for long. Swarms of Kua’toa rushed at the adventurers through the hallways. The battle raged on with crackling fists of lightning and the sound of metal clashing on metal. Everything was in control until a large lobster-like construct came to life and began trampling through the party. The situation looked dismal until BArannis pulled out his bag of magic tricks and unleashed a PHANTASM CHASM, which seriously debilitated the enemy frogmen. With a little luck, the construct was knocked down and pressed into the corner of the hallway. It was a close one but the heroes came out on top.

They continued searching the inside rooms of this giant clam shell and discovered that many sailors and people were imprisoned here. Baylea drew them a map that lead back to the relative safety of town. There were treasures and books detailing the flooding of Lochport and other methods of reincarnating Blipdoolboop. The stronger men were armed with mundane weapons from the armory and instead of staying and fighting, we asked them to lead the rest back to safety.

After releasing the prisoners, the adventurers rediscovered the room with the 2 giant lobster beasts. They disposed of the frogmen who were handling them and blew up a few barrels of fish to distract them.

Seeking salvation from crustacean castration, Bakaruda hastily bursted into the central room. Inside was a 3 tiered temple and there were several ominous shapes in the surrounding water. Again, there was a lobster claw, holding a mysterious pearl.

Our heroes tried to shut the door and slip away unnoticed but Bakaruda’s light source gave them away. As they pressed up against the walls, wondering if they have been discovered, an eerie voice commanded… “Get them too.”


Last sentence should read: Bakaruda cautiously opened the door and peeked into the gloomy expanse – this one so large that not even the light from his sunrod or the faint glow of cave algae helped illuminate the details of the far end of the room. It didn’t matter. There was no mistaking the stone ziggurat dominating the centre of the room, the presence of more than a half-dozen kuo-toa lurking beneath the depths of the small lake surrounding it, or the dominating statue of Blipdoolboop crowning the entire scene.

“Ooooglawoplop woopwloopaw plp plp”

Bakaruda silently closed the door as the chanting continued. “Wlopowa pwop looowpoowlp.”

“Uh, guys,” whispered Baylee. A look of abject horror on her face revealed her thoughts before she could finish her sentence. “Whatever they were doing, they just welcomed us in. They know we’re here.”

Session 7 - Lobsterfest
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