A Fragile Peace

Session 6 - Back into the depths

BArannis, missing, floating, drowning, again

After a much needed extended rest, the heroes decided to journey back into the depths of the Kua’toa village. They used the short-cut that the illithid climbed through to quickly get back to their exploration.

There were 4 choices in front of them. They could head back the well under the statue, the room with the watery symbol and ovals, the waterfall path where BArannis separated to or the giant clam shell as described by our giant squid faced acquaintance.

Baylea, Baehrface & Bakaruda all clumsily recited their scrolls and headed toward the well under the statue. They found BArannis floating face-down, near death in an air pocket through the underwater caverns. With a little bit of help, BArannis came to and the party continued through the watery tunnels and pipes.

After a lengthy swim involving towing BArannis along, they discovered a dammed area infested with Kua’toa. Baylea was able to cut their forces off by turning the bronze wheels and shutting the underwater grates.

The team disposed of the forces in the main room quite easily but things took a turn for the worse as they proceeded through the final pass. Most of the fighting took place beneath the surface and even with the scrolls of water breathing, it was quite a struggle.

Bakaruda went charging in but eased up when he saw the large number of Kua’toa hiding in the last room. Swirling torrents of water violently surged at the party dragging them down into a watery grave. Baylea almost succumbed to the injuries caused by the elementals but luckily Bakaruda got to her in time. BArannis had thrown every icy spell he had at them an seriously limited the damage they could have caused. Once free of their frozen shackles, they shifted quickly and lunged with their great spears. Eventually their lifeless shackles drifted toward the bottom and finally there was a moment’s rest.

Once things settled, they discovered a shrine to Blipdoolboop with some valuable pearls. Of course the adventurers nabbed the loot and even tried worshipping the statue to no avail. They also found 12 eggs which they also kept. Unfortunately 2 of them were broken in a juggling accident. One of them is specifically being held by BArannis.

At least now we know what the water and oval symbols mean.


pumpadum slapadibass

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