A Fragile Peace

Session 14.5 - the lightest loot

As the party left behind a pile of vanished undead, trudging towards the tower, Balina made a headcount. Still four. No one yet had disappeared into the fog. She had never seen such an odd group. They were like lost sheep with no shepherd, with members disappearing during battle: typically on top of roofs or trees. Reasons weren’t asked and ‘coward’ had never been whispered as a plausible excuse. The group just moved on, propelled by an unknown force. Did they not care?

Or perhaps it was for the better not to ask too many questions…

A quick scan of her surroundings revealed nothing but thick fog. Temporarily comfortable with their surroundings, she reaches into her pocket to inspect some of the earlier loot the party had picked up.

Ingrained into a mithral band picked off of the cursed (cursing) fey was a feather. Nibbling her lower lip, she wondered how much she would get if she pawned off the item. Balina flicked the ring upwards like a coin, and made the motion to capture the ring. Except nothing.

A laugh of delight soon followed. “Look, look” she exclaimed.

Rather than falling like a normal object would, the ring fluttered through the air as though weightless. A second toss replicated the ring’s descend, as though a first leaf fallen for Harvest Moon. Certainly this trinket would fetch 10,000gb, maybe 20,000gb?!?!

To her disappointment, dragonborn and lord-human hadn’t paused, whereas Baehrface had paused briefly in confusion (Ahh, pretty jewelry? / Meh, girls) before moving to scout ahead. Signing, she dropped the ring back into her waist-pouch, pulled her cloak closer and fell into line. On the bright side, atleast he seemed able to see the piece of jewelery.

March on healer-for-hire, she signed, resigned to the silence. March on.


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