A Fragile Peace

Session 11 - How many people "live" in this town?

zombie, brains, om nom nom

It was a breath of fresh air for the team to meet some friendly strangers along their travels. Living this kind of life makes one almost paranoid in the presence of the unfamiliar. Fortunately, it seems like Balina is of a kind nature. Even after the intense battle with the demons and beholders, she seemed to stay calm and poised.

The succubus devil tried to strike a deal to keep and interrogate the incubus body but was bluntly refused. Bakaruda scoffed at the notion of helping demons and devils in their pathetic quarrels. The devil woman tried to make a break for the body but dissappeared when Baehrface tried to strike her.

Baelik was asked to go back and send for help as well as notify the ship captain of the situation. After some conversation, the party and their new cleric friend began to move toward the town. Balina mentioned that there would be some undead there and that’s why she never entered the town. In the crop fields, they found dead cows with several vicious drakes feasting on their bodies. The drakes turned and tried to attack the adventurers but they fended them off quite well. Baehr went to investigate some noises in a nearby barn and discovered that another swarm of drakes were attacking a team of horses. The heroes managed to free a couple of them but unfortunately 1 of them was wounded and killed by the drakes. Surprisingly, one of the horses that were freed did not run but instead came back in the defence of the weaker one. Bakaruda saw this and rushed over to aid them. Unfortunately, Barannis’ web did not help them much. The surviving horse seemed quite intelligent and loyal for a beast and so Bakaruda took personal interest in caring for it.

With a little bit of empathy and trail rations, the horse seemed to recover from it’s week-long starvation and abuse.

Next, the crew began to strategize and plan their approach into the undead infested town. They planned to approach quietly and stick to the narrow passes to avoid being swarmed. Perhaps they would need a distraction in order to safely pass through. Barannis wanted to focus solely on the source of the dark energy but Bakaruda insisted that they try to save any innocent lives first. Of course ending the evil would be a high priority. This next move will require extreme caution…


pumpadum slapadibass

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