A Fragile Peace

Session 10 - Trials

The companions gathered their thoughts and their composure following the fierce battle. Whatever was hiding inside the conch shell had struck a deadly bargain with Baylea, but no one aside from the monk knew the truth of it. Staring at her finger, dark whispers echoed in the deep recesses of her mind. The others held their suspicions, but without any further proof, were forced into silence. BArranis, ever eager to test the limits of knowledge experimented with the statue of Blipdoolboop. Placing a single egg upon the dais, he tested the powers of the statue. Before long, the translucent egg wiggled and opened, giving way to a malformed baby Koatoa. Looking over the crippled neonate, BArranis was intrigued.

“Perhaps I can do an experiment on it,” he suggested.
“You will not,” answered Baehrface, uncharacteristically serious. “Give him to me.” His tone left no room for compromise. Quizzically, BArranis relented, giving the frog-child to the little goblin. “Your name is Babby.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the party excavated a large pearl from the base of the statue. “It is evil,” intoned Bakaruda, “it needs to be destroyed.”
“No,” replied Baelik, “that will imprison the souls trapped within.” After some deliberation, the answer became clear: they would have to take it back to the surface.

The party made their way back to the surface, regaling the story of their journey to Akelos. Thereafter, they were met by Xazu. He informed the party that it would be time for their trial soon. Priorities in hand, the adventurers decided to first bring the orb to the temple of Melora. There, they charged the priests with finding an answer freeing the spirits trapped within.

Baehrface went to find a home for the little one he had fostered. None, not even the goodly clerics of Lochport wanted anything to do with the little frog-child. Finally, at the end of his rope, he paid the clerics of Pelor to look after the baby until his return.
At the trial, the group was exonerated for their crimes and faced a small penalty of serving the community for their necessary indiscretion. Swallowing their pride, they agreed. Tevan, however, also faced charges. A tiefling stood before the council and accused him of weakness in a time of need. In a surprising change of events, the party stood for Tevan and professed his innocence and heroism.

The group then carried out their sentence. At the behest of their former caravan leader, the adventurers headed to Bathsheba, where they would play guard for the shipment of supplies necessary to rebuild the town. At their arrival, they heard rumors of a fishing village to the East that had been attacked. Not wanting to waste time in the city doing naught, they rushed to the village. En route, they encountered a woman being attacked by several men. Before they could intercede, a warrior woman, dressed in the garments befitting a cleric of Avandra attacked the culprits. The warriors jumped into the fight and assisted the brave Cleric. After a thrilling battle, at their feet were demons, a drow warrior, and a monstrous beholder, lulled to unconsciousness by the magic of BArranis.

The party turned their attention to the grateful cleric, who introduced herself.
“My name is Balina, well met.”


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