A Fragile Peace

19 So not a sewer temple

  • Fighting by the water wheel which was clearly not meant to grind flour. Likely some magical ritual…
  • Baliek leads the group to victory by directing the heros to attack with greater accuracy and strength.
  • Perceived, picked locked and failed to stealthy open the secret door
  • Fighting just outside the grand room, whispers of Salazar wanting a healer(?)
  • Everyone celebrates Bakaruda’s new feat: Hero Poise which countered the enemy’s magic (-2 to saving throws was netted to +4)
  • Another secret door
  • Fighting inside another room with stairs and defaced statues
  • Baehrface and Bakaruda pops out and back into existence, to their disadvantage.
  • Barannis causes enemies to sleep allowing the “softies” (Baliek, Balina and Barannis) to gleefully obtain critical hits on the sleeping enemies while the defender and fighter were MIA.
  • Checked one staircase, it leads up to the main square of Wellsprings
  • Group selects another staircase which leads to a long corridor
  • Barannis dings


pumpadum Yankumi517

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