A Fragile Peace

18 The end of Salazar

  • The heros rest after a long day to find that the tribe leader gone in the morning
  • With no leads, the group heads back to the Temple of Ioun to investigate the spire they had seen.
  • Barannis uses his portal spell to get the group across the 30/40 feet drop to find 3 corrupted wyvern in black, red and green
  • Each one explodes in the teams face and reveals no clues
  • The group then looks at their forgotten crow pet. Placing a lease on it, the crow leads the heros back to Wellspring
  • The crows flies to the upper story of Wellspring Inn
  • The group finds inside the room the body of Salazar with a gapping hole in his head.
  • The bartender/owners states she saw no one of note in the past 5 days.
  • Searching the room reveals no valuable items though a journal mentions a “mentor” of sorts to Salazar
  • Down below in the main square a crowd gathers
  • Since the heros have left town, people have been disappearing in the middle of the night. Some remain missing while others return odd. Sometimes attacking others in town. The only noticable pattern that the town guards have noted so far was that half the victims were were-people. Baehrface gulps quietly
  • The crowd recognizes the Heros and agree to disperse quietly after some persuasion. Baelik and Barannis notice that there seems to be magical influence that is aggravating people. They find a wall with a bloodtrail leads to a tiny slit too small for even a cat to squeeze through.
  • The group splits off as: 1) Baehrface goes shopping to buy a teddybear 2) Baelik and Barannis goes to speak to the townguard and 3) Balina heads to the Temple of Ioun where she finds Diedre whom isn’t happy to hear that the Tear is still missing
  • The heros reunit and agrees to investigate 2 locations that have not been inspected by the guards. A butcher shop and an orphanage.
  • The only thing notable at the butcher shop was a similar trail of blood leading to a drain in the floor
  • At the orphanage a big differenced appeared to be the fact that the entire household had disappeared. Secondly the group found information that reflected shipping documents for slaves.
  • In the main room, the group stumbled upon an orb that peers into the Far/Fae(?) Realm. It depicts an orphange as well but one that is filled with young children. Barannis pockets the orb.
  • In another room, the heros hears some whispers which they engage in battle. The leader disappears into a closet but the group successfully defeats them.
  • Using the orb, they note that while the closet exists in the real world, in the Fae Realm, stairs leading to the cellar exist. Strange…
  • The group leaves the orphanage troubled.
  • Feeling the need to act immediately, the heros jump into sewer and start following the blood trail through mucky water (though Lord Baelik refuses to get in and remains stately on Barannis’ floating disk.
  • After defeating some tentacle sea monsters, the group heads to what appears to be an old water mill.
  • Bakaruda dings and gains a new encounter power
  • Baehrface dings and gains a new encounter power


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