A Fragile Peace

17 Bananapants


  • A crow appears in the open roof throne room with a message tied to his leg. The message reads “Give me back the Tear of Ioun! Otherwise I’ll kill you”
    The group debates its options
    1) Not us, not us! The group sticks the message back to the crow and shoos it away.
    2) Bakaruda uses Dragon breath and the entire group has roast crow for dinner
    3) The group keeps the crow as a new pet
  • Group exits the Tower
  • Outside none of the tribal guards remain except for 2 bodies and the clear evidence of a quick skirmish
  • The group examines the tribes men.
  • Baehrface slaps the one awake while Balina confirms that other is beyond aid.
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  • The creature introduces himself as Bananapants and presses the group for aid. They had been ambushed in a surprise attack by hobgoblins who had taken their beloved leader to their camp along with a relic that has been with tribe for eons.
  • Extracting the image of the relic from the Warden’s mind found that it was not a match to the image of the Tear. (boo)
  • Bananapants pleads to the group that they must save their leader, explaining how the relic star-crossed path
  • The tired group agrees to rescue attempt and follows the tracks in the sand
  • Lead to an escarpment, one foolhardy hobgoblin became the group warm-up
  • Laughing at their less fortunate companion the remaining hobgoblins climbed the 3-tier escarpment. Bayleigh secretly snickered to herself as her less acrobatic teammates heaved themselves over each ledge.
  • The group thus began to scale cliff realizing their vulnerable position exposed to enemies
  • The group expelled some larger scale spells to quickly disperse the group and tiptoed into the cave where cries of Bananapant’s leader could be heard.
  • At somepoint Bakarudu disappears
  • Baehrface bursted into the cave attacking the nearest hobgoblin
  • In the back of the cave was the tribe leader caged in a strange forcefield
  • Bayleigh quickly crosses the battlefield and attempts to bring the forcefield down
  • The group noted its missing paladin feeling a little more squishy to hits than normal as they tried to balance both the battle and save the tribe leader. Thank goodness Bananapants was able to distract most of the enemies and unleased some “cloud” attack that dealt with the weaker enemies
  • After a lucky heal, the relic stopped pulsing from within the leader’s belly and the group made plans to close the portal to another dimension that lead to a barren wasteland.
  • Before the group could do so, an Illithid appears.
  • He requests that the group leaves the portal open and gives a strange story of how there is a “secret society” of Illithids trying to prevent the world’s destruction through the misuse of pieces from their ship(?) which has magical properties.
  • The Illithid also asks whether they have seen his companion. The group confuses the Illithid’s companion with the previous Illithid they had seen at the Castle whom they discovered is named Xanatos
  • The Illithid recognizes the individual they speak of but disagrees in their relationship. Instead he gives them a password to recognize his companion: “Barannis”
  • Duh duh DUH!
  • Inner thoughts of Balina, Sob, why is everyone working for mind controlling brain-eating Illithids?!?!?!?!


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