A Fragile Peace

16 Salazar

I’m not sure if anyone DINGed this sesssion – please let me know.

Bullet form, unedited synopsis of RP session:

  • Baelik appears in a painful fashion and is brought up to speed
  • To celebrate, Baelik is ‘crowned’
  • As the party leaves the room, there’s an agonizing shout.
  • The party returns to see an Illithid
  • Baelik initially instructs the group to “Subdue him!” which the party jumps to do; with no attacks landing
  • Baelik recognizing the creature asks the group to stay their hand and a strange conversion begins with mentions of the group’s action on saving another Illithid at Lockport(“good, good! Wait, bad, bad!”), questions about the Nautilus(“you fools!”), the Tear (“your father/I want it”) and Baelik’s father (?)
  • The group disagrees with having the Illithid as a party member and leaves the Illithid with the unconcious girl.
  • Balina cautiously asked whether they should have left the two alone when another scream comes from the room. The Illithid is gone and the girl has two dark holes oozing from the top of her head.
  • The group investigates the rest of the floor with a quick skirmish, some gold and a flag bearing a black bird with a silver bolt.
  • The next floor reveals a single room. Across from each other are 2 floating suits of armor with crests of Ioun.
  • Tentacle flying monsters (similar to those which first attacked town) swoop in from separate directions splitting the group’s focus. Additional dinosaurs appear and the seeming harmless suits of armor begin to emanate dark energy.
  • Bayleigh went for an undesired flight with the enemy that dropped her to the floor below though Bayleigh summersaulted & teleported away. The group sighed in relief.
  • A long and chatic fight didn’t end as the team wasn’t given no chance to catch their breath when a sauve darkelf appeared from the top of the staircase with his own “pets”.
  • Balina casted a spell over the weary group to boost their resistances as the group tried to escape the effects thrown upon them.
  • Both the Paladin and Rogue seemed more inspired by the return of their companion.
  • The elf repeated requested for the return of his item and the group’s appearance in the tower; but continued to attack in a deranged/crazy manner.
  • After killing the elf’s last pet and utilizing significant health reserves, the group the Warlord, Rogue and Cleric questioned the elf.
  • Whereas the Cleric simplified wanted to tie the elf up; the Warlord took a more military approach and shot the elf in both legs.
  • The hysterical sobbing elf begged for the return of his Tear of Ioun. When he finally realized that the group did not have the item, he stated that Salazar must still have it. The slippery snake that he was, he had stolen it from the Off-cult of Ioun and likely had made a deal with Malachi.
  • Group adds 2+2 together and figures out that this must be the priest the medusas were speaking of
  • Innocently requesting the elf to picture Salazar and the Tear in his mind, Balina ‘steals’ the image and shares it with the group.
  • The elf begged that the group help him recover the Tear but his confessions revealed him to be too mentally unstable to be reliable. The Warlord unceremoniously shoots him in the head with his crossbow.
  • Malachi was a band leader of the mercenary band: Stormcrows. Finally some of the pieces of the story were coming together.
  • The group climb the last flight of stairs to discover the throne room with a blood stained runner leading up to a dallis and a dust covered throne. Besides some gold, nothing else was found in the room.


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