A Fragile Peace

15 Free fallin'

Bullet form, unedited synopsis of RP session

  • Baelik disappears
  • Brannis and Bayleigh appears in a weird/gross fashion
  • Approach old castle/fort, which is set ontop of a cliff which is shadowed by a waterfall.
  • RECAP: We are hear because
    1) Brannis associate told/paid us to find the ‘Tear of Ioun’
    2) Monsters/beholders are coming from this place and attacking the town
    3) Snake/priest was last seen in this region as mentioned by the Medusas
  • Bayleigh climbs around the side to note that the waterfall above onto the castle, eroding the side. She also notes sentries within (Why are there even sentries?). In the distance across the lake is a spire.
  • Brannis and Baehrface nonchalantly open the door while Balina stayed back to examine it’s workings for traps.
  • Inside is a flesh gollum, a swarm of bear/bats and flammable filth.
  • Everyone positions themselves along the wall while Brannis casts a fire spell within and Baehrface throws a knife before ducking for cover themselves.
  • Angry bloodied gollum comes out along with bats and a dwarf. Defeated with ease as the paladin buffs everyone.
  • Take out fire and begin scouting around
  • Baehrface and Bayleigh aren’t as perceptive as they believe as they sneak attack the sentry but completely miss the woman standing nearby.
  • Woman: creepy eladrin lady with no expression = brainwashed
  • Bakarudu tanks for the two paperdragons
  • Loot bodies, rubble, poo = money, gear, food. Healer gets the best loot (again) – she’s either lucky or just awesome at this.
  • More scouting reveals a beholder and snake monsters (?)
  • Brannis sets up a portal on the top and bottom of the floor and pushes one of the monster into the portal causing it to fall into an infinite loop
  • DING: Brannis and Balina are suddenly more awesome than before.
  • Brannis disappears in what appears to be an agonizing way. Business as usual by the party.
  • Gang moves up a floor
  • On the upper floor there is a ____________ toothless monster. It’s roar(?) pushes the healer back several steps. In retaliation, the halfing monk pushes the monster off the floor where the building has been exposed/eroded by the waterfall. Awesome.
  • Baehrface scouts ahead of the group and finds another beholder and as he attempts to return back to the group, a wall of fire erupts behind him thanks to another creepy no emotion eladrin lady.
  • Bakarudu escapes the poorly crafted fire prison which left a GAP between the fire and the wall
  • Bayleigh tries to spiderman her way over the fire, but just gets dragged back in
  • Baehrface laughs in the fact of the beholder and finishes it off solo
  • Lady ends fire spell and gives up on everything.
  • Toothless monster survived fall and comes back up the stairs
  • Balina hesitates and gets attacked for it
  • Monster gets defeated
  • Question lady whom says that her last friend in the world is on the top floor of the tower now that her her dog (beholder) and friend was killed by us.
  • Her mind is a messed up place so Baehrface knocks her out (after 3 tries) and they take her gold.


Wow that is very detailed. FYI it’s BArannis.

15 Free fallin'
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